Catedral de la Habana Old Havana, Cuba

Diego Velázquez home Santiago de Cuba

Stairway Old Havana, Cuba

Cathedral Plaza Old Havana

Colonial Patio Old Havana

House at Varadero Matanzas, Cuba

Cathedral Santiago de Cuba

Detail Arabic Architecture

Balcony Gran Canaria, Spain

Colombus house Gran Canaria, Spain.

Colombus House Patio Gran Canaria. Spain.

Basilica.Virgen del Pino. Teror. Gran Canaria. Spain.

Arucas Cathedral Gran Canaria Spain

Valsequillo Headquarters. Gran Canaria. Spain.

Church. Santa Maria de Guia. Gran Canaria. Spain.

Hotel Santa Catalina Gran Canaria. Spain.

Drago. Santa Catalina Hotel. Gran Canaria. Spain.

Susana y su Mandolina. Ink on paper. (Based on a 1935 photo). By Commission

Rooster's eye Ink on paper

Point of Sight. Ink on paper.

Dance of Death Ink on paper.

Regression. Ink on paper.

Mystery on a Stone Wall. Ink on paper.

GAIA. Element Earth. Installation: The Four Elements

Turtle Island Installation: The Four Elements

Element Air. Installation: The Four Elements.

Element Water. Installation: The Four Elements

Element Fire. Night of San Juan. Installation: The Four Elements

Fibonacci. Ink on paper.

Tormented Leaves Ink on paper.